Pinchos Jassinowsky (1886-1954)

  Helen & Benedict Stambler


A Dudele (Reb Levi Yitskhok Barditshever) Pinchos Jassinowsky Columbia E4551 1919
Bin Ikh Mir A Shnayderl (arr. Pinchos Jassinowsky) Maurice Friedman & Susie Michael Folk-Art Records F-101 1950
Burekes (Pinchos Jassinowsky) Pinchos Jassinowsky Victor 72308-B 1919
Die Shop Meidel (Avrom Liessin - Pinchos Jassinowsky) Pinchos Jassinowsky Columbia E4426 1919
Der Furman (Pinchos Jassinowsky) Misha Alexandrovitch Gramplasttrest 15386 1947
Der Furman (Pinchos Jassinowsky) Pierre Pinchik Victor 68933 1927
Der Furman (Pinchos Jassinowsky) Sidor Belarsky Musicraft F1 (RS B11 C)  
Der Kremer (Avrom Liessin - Pinchos Jassinowsky) Sidor Belarsky Besa B1-500  
Der Shiker Pinchos Jassinowsky Columbia E4551 1919
L'el Boruch (Pinchos Jassinowsky) Pinchos Jassinowsky Victor 73091-A 1920
Sog ze Rebeniu Pinchos Jassinowsky Columbia E4426 1919



Bin Ikh Mir A Shnayderl (arr. Pinchos Jassinowsky) Maurice Friedman & Susie Michael Folk-Art Records LP 148 1965



The Coachman

der furman

Pinchos Jassinowsky

I am a coachman and have a pair of horses,
Two horses like eagles, indeed.
Many summers and winters, many hot spells and cold spells,
Have I endured with them.
My home is the field, my bad is wagon,
My work is to crack the whip, so that the horses will pull.

Through sand and through mire
       As long as strength holds out
       I sing me a little song : giddap and whoa.
       And the horses boots fly
       As I draw on the rein
       And the wheels squeak and I call
       Whoa, whoa.

Now as I sit thinking on the seat
And stroke my beard,
Then I can see how the wheels spin
How they roll away year upon year.
I muse over my horses, the white one and the black,
I begin to urge them on and to whistle and to whip.

Now when my features are ugly with wrinkles
And my hair has turned gray,
Still my hands are stronger than iron
And never let go of the reins;
Strong is the whip in my calloused hands,
Horses, giddap!
You must not be lazy.
ikh bin mir a furman un hob mir a por ferdelakh,
ferdelekh odlerz gor tsvey
fil zumerz un vinters, fil hitsn un keltn
hob ikh shoyn durkhgemakht mit zey.
mayn heym iz dos feld, un mayn bet iz der vogn,
mayn arbet iz shmaysn, az di ferd zoln trogn.

      durkh zamd un durkh blote,
      kol zman koyakh iz nor do
      zing ikh mir a lidl : hayda un vyo.
      un di ferdlekh flien, flien, flien
      tu ikh mit di leytsez tsien, tsien
      un di reder skripn, makh ikh mit di lipn:
      vyo, vyo, vyo

haynt ven ikh zitz mir, fartrakht oyf der kelnye,
un glet fun mayn ferdl di hor,
dan tu ikh zeynen vi es katshn di reder
vi zey farshitn a yor nokh a yor.
ikh batrakht mir di ferdlekh dem vaysn un shvartsn
ikh heyb zey on traybn un fayfn un shmaysn.

haynt ven mayn ponim zeyt oys mies fun kneytshn
un groy iz gevorn mayn kop,
dokh mayne hent zenen shtarker vi ayzn
un lozn di leytsez nit op;
shtark iz no der knut in di hent fun mazolyes
ferdlekh, hayda!
men tor zikh nisht foyln.

Wallace Oxenhorn


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