Bella Mysell [Meisel] (1902–1991)

с дополнениями Leksikon fun Yidishn Teater 2:1295


Zolst Nit Fargessen (Jacob Jacobs - Alexander Olshanetsky) Bella Meisel & Munia Serebroff Brunswick 67121-B 1928



Glick (Bella Meisel - Alexander Olshanetsky) Ino Toper Makolit 5421-2  



Glick (Bella Meisel - Alexander Olshanetsky) Benzion Witler Hed-Arzi AN 13-33  
Glick (Bella Meisel - Alexander Olshanetsky) Benzion Witler Hed-Arzi AN 47-92  
Zug Mir Host Mikh Lib (Bella Meisel - Murray Rumshinsky) Doris Cohen & Alan Chester Tikva T-27 1962





Bella Meisel - Alexander Olshanetsky

Now I stand and think:
What a strong power
fate holds over everyone.
One moment it makes a joke;
then it quickly turns to rage.
It can damn you and also bless you.
If it was up to me,
if only I could
change your strange fate,
I would set you free,
renew your life as well,
and for your happiness I would pray.

Happiness, you’ve come to me,
but a bit too late.
Good fortune, you have arrived
and filled my heart with such joy.
I do not want to think now
what fate will bring me tomorrow,
so long as I have at least one moment
when fortune is in my hands,
and I get to dance the last dance with you.
ikh shtey atsind un trakht:
vos far a shtarke makht
der shikzal hot af yedn mentshn
ot makht er zikh a shpas;
ot vert er bald in kaas.
er ken dikh shtrofn un oykh bentshn
ven s’iz on mir gevent,
ven ikh volt nor gekent,
dayn modnem shikzal do fartretn.
volt ikh dikh yetst bafrayt.
dayn lebn oykh banayt,
un far dayn glik volt ikh gebetn.

glik, du bist gekumen tsu mir,
ober a bisl tsu shpet
glik, du host gekumen
un farshaft mayn harts azoy fil freyd.
kh’vil yetst gornit klern
vos der morgn vet brengen far mir.
azoy lang ikh hob khotsh eyn moment
dos glik yetst in mayne hen,
un ikh tants dem letstn tans mit dir.

Eliyahu Mishulovin


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